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Types of Modern Trampolines

Thanks to the numerous adjustments and modifications to the trampoline since the time it was introduced to the market, people now have a wide variety to choose from. Trampolines can be used for a lot of things, but they mainly fall into two categories namely fitness and recreation.

The Round Type of Trampoline

Among all the types of trampolines available in the market, the round trampoline would be the most famous; it’s so popular that they are the kind of trampoline that you’ll see in a typical backyard. Available at a diameter of anywhere from twelve up to sixteen feet, round trampolines are commonly surrounded by secure safety nets and are highly recommended for children’s recreational use.

Rectangular-Shaped Trampolines

If you have noticed a gradual but steady increase on the popularity of rectangular trampolines, then there are two main reasons to thank for that. The first reason is the shape itself, since it’s rectangular it’s a better fit in the backyard especially when considering the usual fencing and space in a home. The other reason for people’s preference in this trampoline shape is because of the higher bounce that it gives; uneven distribution is behind the higher bounce. Rectangular trampolines are ideal for those who are skilled jumpers, gymnasts or just know exactly what they’re doing.

The Inflatable Kind of Trampoline

Generally placed in vast water spaces where it won’t bump into anything else, water based trampolines are also the inflatable kind. These trampolines are mainly used for bouncing and occasionally launching people right into the surrounding water. Water trampolines are commonly seen at summer camps and lakeside resorts.

The Mini Type of Trampoline

Fitness routines and exercises are the main usage of small trampolines. As the name states, you can guess that they are not at all difficult to store and they can be used for indoor and outdoor activities.

The Biggest Benefits of Mini Trampolines that You May Not be Aware of

Trampoline jumping offers a lot of surprising benefits, hence its incredible popularity.


Apart from all the health benefits of a mini trampoline, one of the biggest would be its entertainment value. Not like all the other redundant and boring exercises you can ready online, trampolines offer a great deal of fun. It can also be a nostalgic experience, as said by users, because it can remind you of a time in your youth where the trampoline formed part of the childhood fun.

Experience Low Impact Cardio

Majority of the cardio exercises that you’ll encounter out there can put quite a strain on the body. Compared to the trails and roadways you’ll run on while jogging or running, trampolines are obviously softer; the jarring might develop leg or foot problems in the future.

Burn Those Calories Away

Aerobic activities, no matter what they may be, will burn calories and that includes having fun while jumping on a trampoline. What makes trampoline exercises standout is the amount of fun you’ll have.

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