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An Insight To The Types Of Divorce That Exist.

Divorce is a process through which married couples decide to end their marriage. There are very many causes that might lead people or married couples to get divorced. Coming to the decision to have a divorce or to end a marriage is not an easy task as it requires a lot of thought and considerations and in addition to that the paperwork involved so as to make sure that the process is legally recognized by the law is also huge. Unknown to many, there is a variety of divorce, unlike the common ones that are portrayed as dramatic and chaotic. This article will explain the different types of divorce that are not common to many people.

Many people are familiar with this type of divorce because of its popularity in movies and television shows. People often associate contested divorce with chaos. In divorce proceedings, there are two pillars that govern the whole process, and these are child custody and property sharing. Many divorce cases could be settled in lawyers offices only if the couples could mutually agree on how to share the property and who takes custody of children. The need for lawyers and long trial hours make these types of divorce expensive and tiresome.

The second type of divorce is the uncontested type of divorce. The people involved in the case already agree on the terms and therefore eliminate the need for a trial. The supervision of how the paperwork is done is the main job of the lawyers. Compared to the contested divorce the uncontested divorce is less expensive.

Most of the times, summary divorce is thought to be internet divorce, which is totally untrue. When there is no children and property to be shared, then the divorce process is simple. The main process that is involved in the simplified divorce is the filing of the correct paperwork, and your request will be granted within thirty days by the family court of your choosing. However, people should know the difference between internet divorce and simplified divorce, and the main difference is that internet divorce is often non-existent and a scam where a simplified divorce requires one to have actual paperwork and legalization from the court of law.
Another type of divorce is the default divorce, whereby one partner files for the divorce and the other partner doesn’t give their response; hence, the court assumes that there is an agreement on the pillars of divorce. The other type of divorce is collaborative divorce, where lawyers are hired but unlike the contested divorce, the parties do not go to trial; instead the lawyers work on behalf of respective parties to come up with an agreement and then settle the case amicably.